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Emergency Assistance

Rent, Electricity (Evergy), Gas (Spire), Water (KC Water)

Rent - CAC partners with the City of KCMO and other funders and partners to provide emergency rent assistance to keep individuals and families from eviction and homelessness. CAC is the only ERAP, Emergency Service Grant (ESG), and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) agency in south Kansas City providing this assistance. 

Electricity, Gas, or Water - CAC partners with Evergy, Spire, and KC Water to help individuals and families maintain the basic services of electricity, gas and water services. 

Our funding is first come, first served.

Until further notice, we do not have funds available for Emergency Assistance. Please check back next month.

If you would like help filling out a LIHEAP application, paying a KC water bill or receiving a voucher for prescriptions, eye glasses or emergency dental services, please contact Adora Hardin.

(816) 763-3277 ext 116

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