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This holiday season, help CAC make life-changing differences in the lives of our south Kansas City low-income neighbors.

Neighbors like -

  • Single mom Michelle who attended CAC's Assistance Day desperate for some support. CAC caseworkers were able to help her get caught up on three months of rent within 24 hours of the Sheriff coming to evict her family.

  • Empower client Taylor who made the Dean's list and graduated with her degree in IT from DeVry while caring for two young children. CAC was able to help with much-needed car repairs so she could continue school and work.

  • Or single dad Chris who is working again after COVID but struggled to cover family needs. CAC was able to help with utility expenses to keep the family functioning with basic services.

In south Kansas City, Mo., we see, hear and feel the impact of poverty every day. Four of the metro’s 10 apartments complexes with the highest eviction rates are in our area. In five of our ZIP codes – 64131, 64132, 64134, 64137, 64138 – 14,750 households, 37% of all families, earn less than $35,000 annually and qualify for CAC assistance. In our area, CAC is the frontline of homelessness prevention and most other critical human services. We also collaborate with dozens of other organizations so if we can’t provide it, we are one direct connection from who can.


Your support can make life-changing differences for our south Kansas City neighbors. Every dollar stays in this community. Thank you.

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