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Next Steps

After the immediate need of rent or utilities assistance, food or diapers, CAC can help clients take the Next Steps to long-term stability. CAC's assessment and conversation with a case manager can help identify barriers and what resources and connections can support client goals. If we don't have it, we are one call or email away from partners who can help meet needs. Review below then email with "Next Steps" in the subject line to start a conversation. 

Come back to this page soon to take the next steps for supports toward long-term stability.

Would these benefits be helpful for you to extend your families' income?

  • CAC food pantry and hygiene items appointment/s

  • CAC diapers, pull-ups

  • SNAP (food stamps)

  • Disability         

  • Section 8 Housing

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Other ____________________

  • LIHEAP rent or utilities assistance

  • Evergy's assistance program

  • Spire's assistance program


Do you need any of these tools?

  • Cell phone

  • Computer

  • Internet


Do you need any of these or other critical documents for work or benefits?

  • Birth Certificate

  • Driver’s License / ID

  • Social Security Card

  • Other ____________

Do you need childcare to work?

  • CAC can provide a list of area childcare providers?

  • If you qualify for SNAP (food stamps), you qualify for state childcare cost assistance and CAC can help with that application.

  • CAC can help with a referral to the Hickman and Center School Districts Early Childcare Centers and Parents as Teachers programs?

Do you have reliable transportation? If not, what do you need to be able to work or meet family needs?

  • Access to bus/set up bus route/Metro flex

  • Car repair/car purchase

  • Gas card

  • Z Trip, Uber


Do you need education supports, etc. for yourself, for children?

  • English as Second Language

  • GED/HiSet

  • Literacy support

  • Tutoring for children


What employment supports would be helpful?

  • Resume developed

  • Trainings/certifications (such as CNA, CDL, etc.) connections/applications

  • Job portals

  • Online applications support

  • Interview coaching and work readiness prep

  • Do you have outstanding warrants that keep you from being employed?

  • Do you need a computer or wifi to work from home, apply for jobs, etc.?

  • Work clothing

CAC has partnerships with:

  • Full Employment Council

  • LiteracyKC                 

  • Metropolitan Community College

  • Mid-Continent Public Library

  • PCs for People

  • SKC Workforce Development Center

  • Women's Employment Network

Do you need health supports, referrals to community resources?

  • Basics – Blood pressure, blood sugar, vaccinations, screenings

  • Other – Vision, dental

  • Mental – 

  • Medicare, Medicaid, disability

  • Medicine and durable medical equipment

  • Addictions – 12-step program

CAC is a Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet agency for medicines and durable medical equipment.

Do you need financial supports?

  • 1:1 budgeting, financial literacy, etc.

  • Classes in budgeting, financial literacy, etc.

  • Credit repair

  • Getting a bank account established

  • Advice on paycards, payday loans, rent-to-own, etc.

  • Advice on legal to lower garnishments and child support, etc.

What is your housing and utilities situation?

  • Do you need immediate short-term shelter (for domestic violence or other situations)?

  • Do you need transitional housing?

  • Do you have an eviction notice and need emergency rent assistance?

  • Do you have a cut-off notice and need emergency utilities assistance?

  • Do you need assistance with a housing or Section 8 application?

  • Do you need legal assistance addressing or getting a past eviction?

Do you need a referral for legal assistance (such as Legal Aid or the Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom)?

  • Are you aware of Right to Counsel re: evictions in KCMO?

  • Do you have any outstanding warrants that could/should be addressed?

  • Do you have any garnishments or child support that could/should be addressed?

  • Do you have other legal issues keeping you from stable employment, housing or family situations? 

  • Do you have questions regarding your tenant/landlord agreement?

Would some personal care supports be helpful?

  • Do you need safe, secure storage of personal documents?

  • Do you need a recommended clothing closet in our area?

  • Do you need access to affordable haircuts?

  • Do you need access to laundry facilities?

  • Do you need access to shower facilities?

In spring of 2022, CAC initiated and coordinated an Overcoming Barriers to Employment event with several community partners to help bring resources directly to residents. CAC intends to continue and expand this event.​

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