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Our Classes

All classes are free and open to anyone interested (participants do not have to meet income or geographic guidelines unless noted otherwise). Current CAC clients are encouraged to sign up for classes.  For more information on all classes, contact Julie Reid,, 816-763-3277 x 110.

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June-July Classes

Those who preregister and attend live sessions may receive a $10 Walmart gift card or QT gas card.

Eating Salad

CAC Eating Smart • Being Active Class

Making a Difference

Join our Eating Smart • Being Active class Wednesdays, June 23 – July 28, 2 – 3 pm. The class offers research-based information about nutrition, physical activity, food safety and making the most of your food dollars. It is a FREE 6-week program provided by University of Missouri Extension Family Nutrition Education Programs. Interactive lessons focus on simple messages related to food, nutrition and tips for feeding your family. Lessons focus on food preparation and physical activity, and include items that reinforce lesson topics as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

  • Presented by Dianna Obermueller, Nutrition Program Associate, Family Nutrition Education Program, University of Missouri Extension

  • Register HERE for a ZOOM link for video or phone.

  • Contact Julie Reid,, 816-763-3277 x 110 with questions.

On the Phone

Virtual Wellness by Phone at Home

Doing What’s Needed

The First Hand Foundation and CAC are partnering to offer the Foundation's free, at home, by phone virtual wellness classes to CAC friends. Participants do not have to meet income or geographic guidelines. Follow these steps to get connected to Fitness Instructors.

  • Dial 816 384-1534

  • Enter Conference ID: 822 269 208 or 520 472 345 (evening Yoga)

  • Enter the # (sign) after the Conference ID

  • Download the PDF flyer HERE.

Yoga Session


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - 1 pm

Start a Yoga practice at home! All ages are welcome, come as you are and work at your own pace and level. That could be in a chair or on the floor. Our Instructors will guide you through the 50-minute practice.

Nutritional Cooking

Nutrition Hacks and Stretch & Strength

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 1 pm

Deepen your knowledge of all things nutrition with 5 minutes of Nutrition Hacks. These tips and tricks will help you live a more nutritionist life! Stretch & Strength class follows at 1:05 pm. This class combines the best of both worlds.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Evening Yoga

Mondays and Thursdays - 6 pm

End your day centered and relaxed with an evening Yoga class. Note this class has a different Conference ID (520 472 345).

Our Classes: Programs

On demand sessions to watch at your convenience

Chair Yoga

Presented by Megan Feighny, Megan Feighny Yoga + Pilates

Chair yoga is practiced either sitting or using chairs for support in various postures and is designed to mindfully increase range of motion while meeting students where they are. This class is ideal for those with limited mobility or healing from injury and people of all levels. Link to video HERE.

Practicing Yoga


Presented by CAC Volunteer Jim McGraw

While the negative impact of stress on health is well known, daily relaxation practices can decrease muscle tension, high blood pressure, anxiety, etc.  In this video, participants will learn and practice a simple technique to help activate your parasympathetic nervous system,  called the "relaxation response"  by Harvard physician Dr. Herbert Benson. The video also includes practical  tips to take calming diaphragmatic breaths throughout the day for a more relaxed mind/body. Link to video HERE.

Focused Mind

Autogenic Muscle Relaxation

Presented by CAC Volunteer Jim McGraw

Autogenic Muscle Relaxation (AMR) is a self-relaxation method used since the 1930's, sometimes with biofeedback. This short video session provides an overview of AMR, and a guided narrative where listeners intentionally relax by repeating phrases such as "my hands are heavy and warm". The regular practice of this simple technique can lead to muscle relaxation, dilation of blood vessels in the extremities, and an overall sense of calm. Link HERE.

Relaxing Bath

Trauma Informed Care

Video produced by Truman Medical Center’s Center for Trauma Informed Innovation.

Trauma-informed care includes practices that promote safety, empowerment, and healing for children and adults. This video helps participants understand the connection between symptoms and behaviors and an individual’s trauma history. Link HERE.

Image by Külli Kittus
Our Classes: Programs

Landlord Tenant University

Landlord Tenant University: Presented by the City of Kansas City, Mo. Link HERE.

Landlord Tenant University - Fair Housing: Presented by the City of Kansas City, Mo. Link HERE.

Our Classes: Text
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